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Spa Policies

Here is some useful information which should help clear up any questions you might have regarding what to expect as you plan for your visit to Butterfly | Spa & Wellness. We offer recommendations for how to spa, also referred to as spa etiquette or spa policy, our spa reservation booking policy, appointment cancellation policy, what you can expect on your spa visit as well as tipping suggestions. 

An appointment is necessary for any service. We recommend scheduling your appointment at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that you receive the time and date that you desire. The scheduled time includes check-in as well as the time required to undress and dress up at the end of the service. Appointments are not confirmed until a confirmation from Butterfly | Spa & Wellness has been received (usually via email.) For your convenience, appointments can be scheduled online in real time, 24x7. 

Age Limitations
All guests should be at least 18 years old to receive services without parental or guardian approval. Clients younger than 18 are welcome to receive our services; however, we require parental consent before performing any service(s).

We understand that circumstances come up and that sometimes last minute changes must be made. We also respect your time as much as you respect ours. Your appointment slot is exclusively reserved for you. In order to accommodate others, we request a cancellation notice of  at least 24 hours before your scheduled service to avoid any charges to the credit card used to guarantee your appointment. Individuals who cancel their service(s) within 24 hours of their appointment will be charged a total 50% of expected charges. Individuals who do not appear for their scheduled service(s) will be charged the full amount of scheduled service(s).

We recommend cancelling or changing your appointment online using the unique link in your appointment confirmation email. If you  no longer have access to the unique link for your appointment, or need to cancel / reschedule your appointment within 24 hours, please call us at 704.464.2014 or email us at

As we are here to provide a relaxing service to you, your therapist will ensure that you receive just that by keeping the conversation at a minimum after the initial consultation. However, we encourage you to always feel free to express your concerns with the service you are receiving, particularly if you feel any discomfort, so that your therapist can adjust accordingly.
We pride ourselves in being professional. Your confidence is of extreme importance to us. Because of this, we will safeguard any information you share with us and ask that you feel free to share any necessary information with us knowing that we value your partnership and will thus protect your sensitive information.


Some services and products have contraindications which may require that a particular service be modified or rescheduled. Be assured that you safety is paramount. Do not hesitate to share any information which may be pertinent to ensuring that the services, techniques and products we use are safe for you. If you are not sure if something is a contraindication, please bring that to your therapist's attention during the consultation so it can be evaluated.

If you are satisfied with the level of service you have received, feel free to leave your therapist a gratuity to express your appreciation. It is customary to give a gratuity of 15% - 20%. However, what you give is totally up to you.


Your comfort is our concern. Please feel free to dress or undress to your level of comfort. Also feel free to communicate with your therapist if there is ever anything that brings you discomfort of any sort. Robes are provided for facials and back treatment. We also provide disposable underwear for bikini waxing services. Your therapist will also do his/her best to respect you, treat you with dignity and display professionalism during services which may require the removal of undergarments such as Brazilian bikini waxing.

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