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Full Body Waxing Hair Removal For Women

We are a waxing salon and spa located in the Concord Mills area of the Charlotte, NC metro area. We offer personalized expert full body waxing hair removal and specializing in the Female Brazilian and Eyebrow Design (Eyebrow Sculpting). Our waxing hair removal services include facial waxing, eyebrow waxing, Brazilian bikini waxing, traditional bikini waxing and more. We conduct a thorough consultation before any waxing service to ensure your safety and we use a variety of waxes to effectively remove hair from the root and give your skin a light exfoliation that removes dead surface skin cells. We also offer a numbing spray and our preference is to use hard wax for all sensitive areas (facial waxing, underarm waxing, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing). The advantage to you is having a waxing treatment with much less of the discomfort, being free of unwanted hair in a comfortable and very private setting as well as silky smooth skin after your service!  Don't be surprised if you find our waxing services somewhat relaxing...some of our clients have been known to take naps during their waxing treatment. For a full description of exactly what each waxing service includes, please refer to the Waxing Glossary under the Full Body Waxing menu or simply click here.

Full Body Waxing Hair Removal Services For Women
Eyebrow Design (Eyebrow Sculpting)  $35.00
Full Female Brazilian Bikini Wax (Full Monty, Complete Brazilian - front & back)  $65.00
Partial Female Brazilian Bikini Wax (front only)  $55.00
Traditional Bikini Wax  $35.00
Buttocks  $35.00
Full Leg Wax  $75.00
Half Leg Wax  $35.00
Full Arm Wax  $55.00
Half Arm Wax  $35.00
Waxing Service Additions**
Underarm Wax
Basic Eyebrow Wax / Eyebrow Grooming  $15.00
Lip Wax  $15.00
Chin Wax  $15.00
Cheek Wax  $15.00
Eyebrow Design Package Upgrade  $25.00
Waxing Packages
 Female Brazilian Waxing Packages
      Series of 3 Female Brazilian Waxes
      Series of 6 Female Brazilian Waxes
      Series of 9 Female Brazilian Waxes
      Series of 12 Female Brazilian Waxes
Total Self-Care
Designed with regular total self care in mind, addressing all your grooming needs for a great looking body and skin! It includes the Restoration Facial - Basic Eyebrow Wax - Underarm Wax - Female Brazilian Bikini Wax - Full Leg Wax  
Bare Essentials
A waxing essentials package designed to save you money as well as address your monthly waxing needs in one appointment. It includes Basic Eyebrow Wax - Underarm Wax - Partial Female Brazilian Bikini Wax - Full Leg Wax.
Bare Necessities $95.00*
A package designed to address just the necessities in one quick appointment. Perfect for regular save care while saving time and money. It includes Basic Eyebrow Wax - Underarm Wax - Traditional Bikini Wax - Half Leg Wax.  
About Face (Full Face Wax)  $55.00*
Experience facial waxing with a difference. Great for a single monthly appointment and includes Basic Eyebrow Wax - Lip Wax - Chin Wax - Cheek Wax  
Eye Behold  $55.00*
This package is all about the eyes. Adorn the "windows to your soul" so that they look their best. This package includes Eyelash & Brow Tint - Basic Eyebrow Wax.  

 * Upgrade any Self-Care Package to include the Women's Eyebrow Design instead of a Basic Brow for an additional $25.

Prices are subject to change without notice. **Waxing Service Additions can only be added to a Signature Waxing Service, Signature Facial or Self Care Package; they cannot be scheduled individually.

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